Nowadays, eLearning games have gained popularity and are considered the best way to educate the gamer generation through engaging games. eLearning games have been found to enable a special kind of immersive learning experience that makes people live in the world of games and animation for a certain amount of time and gain some learning content practically. NerdRoot specializes in designing and developing interactive eLearning games for mobile, which keeps users engaged educated and involved. Our team of eLearning game development experts and instructional designers uses stories, gamification, themes, and interactions to design custom training courses.

E learning Game Development

Designing an impactful theme for every eLearning game that will force users to grasp some knowledge is the most important part of e Learning game development. Let’s say if an Elearning game developer designs an eLearning app to teach money management skills, then our eLearning game designer will use the context of taking a trip to see some popular places around the world. The 2D and 3D art designs, sound effects, and background music make the training material more entertaining and interesting for the learners.

Gamified eLearning brings fun and lively elements to the training to get the best user experience.. NerdRoot specializes in mobile eLearning game development, and we have achieved expertise in various domains such as eye-catching meters, badges, and sound effects. eLearning development is the art of wrapping learning content in fictional art and scenarios. For instance, to educate people about the mechanics of gathering the right tools for any specific job, we can build a game where users have to play the role of a deep-sea diver looking for some sunken treasure. The scenario may be different, but it facilitates users to escape their regular routine and use their imaginations while learning new skills.

During the process of Educational Game Development Services for kids and adults, we use the relevant story throughout the course to keep the learners engaged. This practice of using an interactive storyline in the eLearning game is proven to be effective for sensitive or serious topics. Learners can easily connect to the characters in the game and recall the concepts and events in the training.

Learner interest is a critical component that has to be kept in mind while designing an e-learning game. We at NerdRoot convert regular web-based learning components into insightful scenarios and relevant activities.

At NerdRoot, we have a team of instructional designers who help you condense and prioritize your content in multiple ways, which makes it easy for learners to grasp the knowledge. Our experts perform a thorough analysis of learning requirements to find appropriate learning objectives, target audiences, and project goals in the initial phase of the project. Afterwards, they prepare complete learning plans and storyboards, which make sure the training offers all of your content without troubling the learner.

Why select us for E Learning game development?

E learning Games
  • We use game the mechanics to improve e-Learning experience.
  • We build games for easy learning.
  • At NerdRoot, we create apps that are compatible with different operating systems.
  • Our team of expert UX developers specifically skilled in designing graphics for eLearning games for kids and adults.
  • Support Blended learning; eLearning + Gamification

E learning Game Development Tools Use to develop e-learning games

The eLearning game development team at NerdRoot is very passionate about learning and adapting new technologies and tools to come up with new game art designs that suit emerging market trends. We specialize in designing thrilling real games using animations, open GLEs, audio, and visuals of the highest quality to provide a perfect gaming experience.

Our E Learning Game Development Process

While developing an eLearning game, the game development company focusses on accuracy and quality. We understand the importance of positive reviews and feedback for any games. Hence, we adopt a structured process of all app development platforms, which includes the following steps:

Our iOS E learning Game Development Process

While developing an iOS game, we focus on accuracy and quality. We understand the importance of positive reviews and feedback for your iOS games. Hence, we adopt a structured process of iOS app development, which includes the following steps:

  • While developing an iOS game, we focus on accuracy and high quality. We understand the importance of positive reviews and feedback for your iOS games. Hence, we adopt a structured process of iOS app development, which includes the following steps:
  • Understanding Client’s Requirements: In this step, we sit with our client to get a better understanding of our client’s specifications and requirements. We interpret what kind of game our client wants us to design, what the ultimate goal of the game is, what kind of features should be incorporated, and most importantly, the target audience for the game.
  • Conceptualization: Once we are clear about the requirements, specifications, and target audience, we create a concept following the necessary planning, design, and architecture. The conceptualization step helps us create a prototype, which will be a replica of the game our developers are going to develop. Once our client approves the blueprint, we proceed to the next step.
  • Development and Testing: This stage of iOS game development involves the actual development and coding parts. Once our developers have completed coding for the game, we do the preliminary testing, report any bugs, and get them resolved at the same time. At the end of this module, we will be 100% accurate.
  • App Launch and Promotion: After integrating with the required analytical tools, such as the ad SDKs, the social network SDKs, and the third-party SDKs, we launch the game on the iOS App Store. For best promotion of the game, we can create a website for that particular game and a social media page to ensure its huge fan following.


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