Art design for any genre of game is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks. At our game art studio, we have a Game Art Outsourcing team of experts who are always ready to design a theme for all kinds of games. Our Game Art Outsourcing team of expert art designers is always ready to take your gaming project up and design concept art, 2D design, and 3D modeling and all game art design services.

Our game design company designers are eager to learn and adapt new technologies and keep integrating them into their latest assignments. The team of art designers at NerdRoot is experts at bringing your imagination to life on canvas. Our game art design service ensures gamers’ engagement in the imaginary game world, even before the actual concept of the game comes in. We at NerdRoot deliver the following art design services:

  • Concept Art: Our 2D and 3D art developers expert in drawing sketches of characters, storyboards, environments, mock-ups
  • Animated Characters: We have developed expertise in designing animated characters, including humans, animals, creatures, other
  • Background and Objects: Our designer can create terrain shapes, hidden object scenes, landscape features, weapons, tools, etc.
  • UI Design: We specialize in creating splash screens, buttons, menus, icons, meta elements, HUD, etc.

Best Game Art Design


At NerdRoot, we put all our expertise and knowledge into designing and creating art. We try to create the best design in the first fold, which prevents the extra manpower and time needed for remodeling and other rework. Our team of art designers spitballs ideas with the given information and creates the best storyboard sketches and concept art. Once the basic design of the game is ready, you can choose the game art variant and overall look and feel of the game, which coincide with your imagination of the game, and we can move forward with the next step of game development. The NerdRoot artists will get down to adding detail and fleshing out the concept ideas. Our game design services give an interactive and alluring look to any game.

Simple yet Interactive 2D Illustrations and Game Art Design

Game Art Design

From digital pixel art to high-resolution 2D and 2.5D design, NerdRoot has creative game artists and designers to take care of all illustration-related tasks. We design 2D and pseudo-3D art for mobile games, which come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. At NerdRoot, we have worked on many genres of games, including puzzles, arcades, platformers, sliders, match-3 games, RPGs, and more. NerdRoot has developed expertise in its art skills in several domains for the leading game industry player. Relying on our years of experience, you will definitely receive the best and highest-quality graphics for your game within the shortest period of time and at an affordable price.

User Interface

The game UI design is targeted at making the interaction with characters unencumbered and easy and amplifying the game narrative. Our UI designers develop all UI elements that go perfectly with your game title and remain inherent to the game mechanics. Some key features of our UI design that make it stand out from others are:

  • Spatial – These are the elements, which that are kept within the game world to help players get instructions and additional information without coming back to main/menu screens.
  • Meta – This is UI representations of game elements that keep their diegetic characteristics and improve the narrative, but still remain out of 3D geometry.
  • Diegetic – The important elements of UI designs that enable visual, audible and tactile communication with the game and the match with its environment.
  • Non-diegetic – These are the UI elements that generally do not make part of the game’s fiction.

Experience of Real Adventure with our 3D Modeling and Animation

Bring imaginary creatures, environments, and fantasy adventures to the world of games. With 3D modeling competence, our designers and art creators give a real-life feel to your game. At NerdRoot, we develop 3D game locations, characters, and other elements that assure a highly immersive experience and reflect a situation that looks exactly like a real-life situation. Using skeleton animation to ensure that the topology of 3D animation models remains intact, the NerdRoot 3D animation developers will help you reconstruct a lifelike experience for any game idea. We incorporate elements of low- and high-polyart into a rigged and skinned model that is ready to be introduced into the game.

Software Tools use for 2D/3D Graphic Designing:

The Game Art Outsourcing team of graphic designers at NerdRoot, The Game Development Company, is eager to learn and adapt new tools and techniques to come up with new game designs that suit emerging market trends. We specialize in designing the thrill of real gaming using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, 3D Studio Max, Unity3D, zBrush, Particle Designer, Autodesk Maya, Spine, Corel Painter, and others.

If you have any ideas for mobile games or your game progress is stuck in the middle because you fall behind with game art, you can contact us anytime and discuss how we can help you with the situation.


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