Today, gaming and entertainment have become an important part of the web and mobile industry, which turns gaming industry a rapidly growing industry globally. Hundreds of millions of tech-savvy people and Smartphone users spend time playing games on their tablets, mobiles or laptops. Designing and developing outstanding games for the game development company, needs creative minds, technical expertise as well as effective storytelling.

NerdRoot is game development company specialized in developing cutting edge games for its worldwide customers. With the experience in the game development industry, they are proficient in android game development, iOS game development, custom game development, eLearning games for mobile, game art design services and cross platform mobile game development. At, NerdRoot, we know mobile systems and technologies inside out, not only because we have developed leading mobile game applications, but have experience in creating cellular infrastructures too. With in-depth knowledge of the mobile industry, we have been privileged to work with a large number of clients to design and launch their gaming app on different websites.

The Services We Offer As Game Development Company

NerdRoot is one of the well-known game development company and has delivered numerous gaming applications till date. We worked and specialize in below services:

Android Game Development

Our Android game developer team includes highly-skilled android game developers with a vast experience in developing different styles of android games on different platforms deploying the latest technologies. Our developers are well-versed in adapting new technologies and tools, and expert in developing 2D and 3D Android games. We are delivering top-quality services at very affordable pricing. Being game development company, we are very dedicated towards our work and we make sure we deliver the product before deadlines and go that extra mile to surpass your expectations. We offer 24/7 customer support so that you can get answers to any of your queries. We can design all genre game, including arcade games, quiz games, single games, dice, multiplayer games, sports, casino games, puzzle games, adventure games and racing games.

iOS Game Development

NerdRoot strives towards serving to the client’s requirements in the best effective way possible when it comes to designing iOS games. Being game development company, we have a team of expert iOS game developers who are well-qualified as well as experienced in making use of the latest tools and strategies in iOS game developer. At NerdRoot, we have designed and developed several 2D and 3D games that have created a buzz in the people around the globe. We design the thrill of real gaming using open GLEs, animations, audio and visuals of the highest quality in order to offer a perfect gaming experience. We provide you with an excellent UI design in your iOS games.

eLearning Games for Mobile

NerdRoot specializes in creating educational, entertaining and engaging learning experiences that incorporate creativity, innovation and gamification to improve learner retention. We at NerdRoot, the leading game development company, provide a wide spectrum of solutions incorporating interactive E-Learning, serious games, mobile learning and training simulations. We design and tailor the gaming application according to clients’ individual needs. Our team of eLearning mobile game developers first sit and discuss the needs and requirements with our clients. Then, we choose the best possible learning strategy and platforms that will best accomplish those requirements. During the design and development phase, we keep in contact with our clients to ensure that the delivered product meets their requirements.

Custom Game Development

Specialized in custom game development, the NerdRoot designs and develops mobile and web games for clients across the globe. We develop and tailor games to meet clients’ requirements. NerdRoot, the leading game development company, specializes in designing, developing and deploying any entertainment or gaming application for you. Our in-house animation studio is responsible for delivering entertainment-based applications and cross-platform games for clients. By deploying the latest technologies including PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop, Xcode, Objective C, XML, Java, Android SDK, Eclipse and many others. This game development company’s games are compatible with all Smartphone, desktop and tablet devices, ensuring a flawless gaming experience. Our custom game development specialises include game design, conceptual design, artwork/audio/visual production, level design, quality assurance, programming and deployment.

Game Art Design Services

NerdRoot is well-experienced with the entire life cycle of game development. We at the NerdRoot understand that gamification is of the essence in the environment where the numerous games available in the market. The art of any game performs half the work of interact your target audience and getting them hooked. Great and interactive game art design works to supplement a great game engine and can lead your game towards the success. Being successful game development company, we have effectively integrated brands into games and also aware of adding value to the brand without disturbing the game-play. We can also integrate your existing brand character into the game. So, if you have an existing game engine that you want to incorporate in your game, our game development experts will provide you the perfect concepts, designs and characters for the game.

Cross Platform Mobile Game Development

To create a native game for each mobile platform, the cost involved in designing and maintaining escalate to a great extent. Hence, the latest trend in the mobile application development industry to meet market and business requirements is to design mobile apps as cross platform applications to reduce cost and effort. At our game development company, we have a team of cross platform mobile app developers offering cross platform applications for all mobile OS, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS and others.

Strategy Of Nerdroot - The Game Development Company

A great strategy is key to the success of any game development company. At NerdRoot, we follow a structured model in our game development process which consists of the following four steps.

Step 1: The Concept

Before developing any game, it’s concept should be clear and precise. The first step of the game development process for game development company, involves the idea of the game, it’s setting, the characters we want to use, the plot, and anything related to world-building. Either we follow the most popular trends or communicate with our clients if they have any special requirements.

Step 2: The Prototype

Once all the characters and theme of the game is finalized, this game development company, creates a prototype of the game. The purpose of creating prototypes of games is to identify possible errors, evaluate the target audience’s reaction, and in general ensure that complicated issues do not emerge later on. The prototype acts as a trial before the actual release of the product.

Step 3: The Testing

Game testing is an integral part of the game development process for a game development company. It is nothing but a software testing process for quality control of video games. Our skilled testers rigorously test the games to eliminate any bugs or errors. Contrary to the popular belief that game testing is a fun process and can be performed by anyone, it is a rather highly technical field requiring computing expertise, analytic competence, critical evaluation skills, and endurance.

Step 4: The Release

Once all the necessary corrections have been made and the game is error-free, it can be released to the public on the platform of your choice.

Game Development Software & Technologies We Work With

Unity 3D: Nerdroot, the leading game development company, provides the best Unity 3D game development solution to our clients so that it can easily run on more than 25 platforms and has a better experience during gameplay. The Unity game engine has tools with great intuition and ready-made assets. It is considered the best to speed up the game. Unity has many other advantages such as a great online community for free to create those amazing 3D content in the games

Unreal Engine: We make use of the Unreal Engine that takes you to the next level of graphics. There are various suitable factors of Unreal Engine game development for games which makes it a top priority for high-level games. It is widely used by artist gamers around the world. This game development company also provide the in-demand Unreal Engine iOS game development services.

HTML5: The HTML5 game app development is one of the most commonly used technologies in the gaming industry as it is easy-to-update and cross-platform compatible. Using this technology, we can make games to play offline as well.

Cocos2Dx: By using Cocos2D-X cross-platform technology, Nerdroot, the leading game development company, we work on various platforms and can code in numerous languages. We use such technologies for our clients to provide and praise services to our clients.

Photon: The photon game engine is used for the global launch of the real-time games which have multiple players in it. It is a reliable and independent networking engine that simply supports multiplayer game launching.

SmartFox Server: Nerdroot, the leading game development comapny, provide the high-graded SmartFox server, which is a multi-level game server used for multiplayer and multi-level game development. You can leverage the benefits of this server with NerdRoot at an affordable cost.

Benefits of Hiring Mobile Game Development Company

With a little knowledge and dedication, anyone can learn how to develop a game. But it is not easy to develop a game that is interesting, error-free, and successful. An ideal solution is to hire a professional game development company like NerdRoot that can develop amazing games for you. Being a professional game designing company in the USA, we have a dedicated team of experienced and qualified mobile game developers who know the ins and outs of the market. The professional game designing companies make use of the latest tools and technologies in order to come up with games that can be launched on various platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

The following are the benefits of hiring a professional game development company-

  • An excellent way to make money
  • The huge market offers a lot of scope for growth
  • Low investment and high returns
  • A reliable method to promote your brand
  • 24/7 presence through the app
  • Great way to improve customer interaction and build a long-term relationship

Why Should You Avail Our Game Development Service?

The gaming industry is booming and there are many game development companies in the market which makes it hard for a consumer to decide which company they shall go for. We understand the confusion and assure you that NerdRoot is worth hiring for any kind of game development projects. You can always count on our experience and excellence in offering the right solution at an absolutely affordable cost.

Take a look at some of our specialties that makes us one of the most trusted game development company.

24×7 Customer Assistance: We offer 24×7 customer assistance as customer comfort and satisfaction are our number one priority. We fulfill all the needs that our customer states regarding the project. We respect customer’s ideas and the client’s visions throughout our game development process. The mobile game development company work in collaboration with our clients by taking their input and surrounding our work around the same to create games that glove fits into the client’s requirements.

From Concept to Completion: We offer end-to-end execution by turning your raw idea into a fully developed and functioning mobile game. From the concept to completion, we take care of all the game development requirements. This game development company offer a wide range of services such as game design, development, layout formation, launch, and optimization under one roof only.

Cost-Efficient Services: NerdRoot is an affordable game development company. All our services are quite affordable and manageable for even a startup company. We have standard and service additional cost packages to make the payment process convenient for our clients.

On-Time Delivery: At NerdRoot, we know the importance of time in the business setting. We are prompt and proactive with our services. We map out the entire project in different time slots and update the clients in a timely manner.

We Deliver The Best Services As Game Development Company In The Industry

With years of game development experience, our enthusiasm for designing more technologically advanced and more compelling games is growing rapidly. Whatever game genre or technology platform you’re targeting (such as Casual games for Smartphone and tablets, promotional games, educational games, mobile games with social features and many others, Nerdroot’s subject-matter app development expertise, solid engineering skills and a real passion for quests will be your best bet. Nerdroot, the game development company is eager to deliver you the best game development services in the industry using the new and updated technologies.