Today, entertainment and gaming have merged to form a huge proportion of the web and mobile industries, making the gaming sector a rapidly expanding global industry. On their tablets, smartphones, or laptops, hundreds of millions of electronics individuals and Smartphone users enjoy playing games. For the game development company to design and create exceptional games, creative brains, technical know-how, and good storytelling are required. NerdRoot is a game production firm that focuses on creating cutting-edge games for its clients throughout the world. They have expertise in cross-platform mobile game creation, custom game development, eLearning games for mobile, and game art design services thanks to their experience in the game production sector.
NerdRoot has developed some of the top mobile game applications and has experience building cellular infrastructures, thus we are experts in mobile systems and technology. We have enjoyed the good fortune to work with a lot of clients to create and launch their game apps on various websites thanks to our extensive understanding of the mobile market.

The Services We Provide As A Game Development Company

One of the well-known game development companies, NerdRoot has produced various gaming applications up to this point. We worked who were experts in the following services:

Android Game Development

Our team of highly talented Android game developers has created a variety of Android games developer in various genres for a variety of platforms using the most recent technology. Our developers have extensive experience creating 2D and 3D Android games and are skilled at integrating new tools and technologies. We offer better services at incredibly low costs. Being a game development firm, we are very committed to our work and ensure that the product is delivered before deadlines, going above and beyond to meet your expectations.We are capable of creating games in every category, including arcade, quiz, single, dice, multiplayer, sports, casino, puzzle, adventure, and racing games.

iOS Game Development

When it comes to creating iOS games, NerdRoot aims to satisfy the requirements of the customer as as possible and efficiently. Being a game creation firm, we have a team of skilled iOS game developers who are knowledgeable about using the most recent tools and techniques in iOS game production. We at NerdRoot have produced and developed a number of 2D and 3D games that have gained popularity among users all around the world. In order to provide the best possible gaming experience, we develop the thrill of genuine gaming using open GLEs, animations, music, and visuals of the finest quality. In your iOS games, we give you a great UI design.

Educational Learning Games for Mobile

NerdRoot specializes in the development joy, interesting, and instructional learning experiences that use gamification, creativity, and innovation to increase student retention. The top game creation firm, NerdRoot, offers a wide range of solutions including serious games, mobile learning, interactive e-learning, and training simulations. We create and modify the gaming application to suit the specific requirements of each client. First, our team of eLearning mobile game developers sits together with our clients to go over their demands and specifications. Then, we decide which platforms and learning strategies will best fulfil those criteria. We communicate with our clients frequently during the design and development stage to make sure the completed product satisfies their needs.

Custom Game Development

The NerdRoot, which specialises in custom game development, creates mobile and web games for clients all around the world. To satisfy the needs of our customers, we create and customise games. The top game development firm, NerdRoot, focuses on creating, testing, and launching any entertainment or gaming application for you. Our internal animation studio is in charge of providing clients with entertainment-based applications and cross-platform games. utilising cutting-edge software such as PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop, Xcode, Objective C, XML, Java, Android SDK, Eclipse, and many others. All Smartphone, laptop, and tablet platforms may play the games created by this game creation firm, providing a perfect gaming experience. Game design, conceptual design, artwork/audio/visual production, level design, quality assurance, programming, and deployment are some of our custom game development specialties.

Game Art Design Services

NerdRoot has excellent knowledge of the whole game development life cycle. The NerdRoot recognises the importance of gamification in the context of the many games currently available on the market. Every game’s art does the majority of engaging and attracting your target audience. In addition to a great game technology, engaging and interactive game art design can help your game succeed. As a famous game production firm, we have successfully incorporated brands into games and are also mindful of enhancing the brand without interfering with gameplay. Additionally, we may include the existing brand character into the game.

Cross Platform Mobile Game Development

The price of producing and maintaining a native game for each mobile platform increases significantly. As a result, the most recent trend in the field of developing mobile applications is to create cross-platform apps to save money and time and to satisfy market and business criteria. Our team of cross-platform mobile app developers at our game development company creates cross-platform mobile game development for all mobile operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS, and others.

Strategy Of The Game Development Company - Nerdroot

Every game development achievement depends on having an excellent plan. The four steps that make up our structured model for game creation at NerdRoot are as follows.

Step 1: The Concept

Any game’s concept should be exact and obvious before it is developed. The concept of the game, its location, the characters we want to utilise, the plot, and anything related to world-building are all part of the first step of the game development process for game development companies. Either we follow the most common trends or, if our clients have any particular requests, we get in touch with them.

Step 2: The Prototype

A prototype of the game is made by this game production company after all the characters and the theme have been decided upon. The goal of producing game prototypes is to spot potential flaws, evaluate the response of the targeted users, and generally make sure that challenging problems do not appear later. Before the product is really released, the prototype serves as a test.

Step 3: The Testing

For a game development company, game testing is a crucial step in the game production process. It is nothing more than a software testing procedure for video game quality control. The games are thoroughly tested by our knowledgeable testers to remove any bugs or flaws. Contrary to popular assumption, game testing is a relatively highly technical subject requiring computer expertise, analytical competency, critical evaluation abilities, and endurance. It is not a fun procedure that anyone can execute.

Step 4: The Release

The game can be made available to the general public on the platform of your choice once all necessary fixes have been performed and the game is error-free.

Software & Technologies Use for Game Development

Nerdroot, the top game development business, offers our clients the best Unity 3D game creation solution so that their games may run more easily on more than 25 platforms and provides superior gameplay. The Unity game engine features intuitive tools and pre-made components. The greatest way to speed up the game is thought to be. Other benefits of using Unity include its fantastic online community, which allows for the creation of incredible 3D content for games. Unreal Engine: To bring your graphics to the next level, we use the Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine is a top choice for high-quality games due to a number of aspects that make it suited for game creation. Artist gamers use it a lot all over the world. The popular Unreal Engine iOS game development services are also offered by this game production company. Due to its cross-platform compatibility and flexibility of updates, HTML5 is one of the most widely used technologies in the gaming business. With the use of this technology, we can also create games for offline playing. Cocos2Dx: Nerdroot, the top game development firm, works on several platforms and is able to code in a variety of languages due to Cocos2D-X cross-platform technology. We use these technologies to offer and provide services to our clients. For the global release of multi-player real-time games, the photon game engine is utilised. It is a trustworthy and independent networking engine that merely allows the beginning of multiplayer games. The high-grade SmartFox server, a multi-level game server utilised for multiplayer and multi-level game production, is offered by Nerdroot, the top game development company. NerdRoot offers an inexpensive way to use this server’s advantages.

Benefits of Hiring Mobile Game Development Company

Anyone can learn how to create a game if they put in the effort and have a little understanding. But creating a game that is engaging, flawless, and successful is not simple. Hiring a seasoned game creation business like NerdRoot, which can create good games for you, is the right solution. Being a reputable game design company in the USA, we have a committed group of skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced mobile game developers who are familiar with the market. In order to create games that may be released on several platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows, professional game developing organisations use the most recent tools and technologies.
The advantages of working with a seasoned game production team include the following:
  • A great way to earn money
  • The large market provides a good amount of potential for growth.
  • High returns for little or no investment
  • a reliable way to advertise your company with a constant presence on the app

Why Should You Avail Our Game Development Service?

It can be challenging for a customer to choose a game development firm because the gaming industry is flourishing and there are so many available. We acknowledge your confusion and assure you that NerdRoot is a company you should consider working with on any project involving game development. You can always trust on our expertise and knowledge to provide the ideal solution at a price that is utterly reasonable. View a few of our areas of expertise to see what makes us one of the most trustworthy game production companies. Since the convenience and satisfaction of our customers come first, we provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week client service. We fulfill every need that the client specifies for the project. Throughout the entire process of creating a game, we respect the ideas and ambitions of our clients. The mobile game development firm works together with our clients to build games that perfectly match their needs by taking into account their feedback and basing our work on it. We provide end-to-end execution by transforming your undeveloped mobile game concept into a finished product. We take care of all the needs for game production, from concept to finish. Cost-effective Services: NerdRoot is a company that creates games at a reasonable price. Even a small business may afford and utilise all of our services. To make payment easy for our customers, we provide standard and service added cost packages. Delivery on time: At NerdRoot, we understand the value of timing in a professional situation. When providing our services, we are prompt and proactive. We schedule the entire job in several time intervals and keep the clients updated as necessary.

We Provide The Best Service. As a game development company

Our excitement for creating more technologically sophisticated and engaging games is rising quickly as a result of our years of game production experience. Your best bet will be Nerdroot’s subject-matter app development expertise, successful engineering skills, and a genuine passion for adventures, regardless of the game genre or technology platform you’re targeting (such as Casual games for Smartphone and tablets, promotional games, educational games, mobile games with social features, and many others). Nerdroot, a visual game production firm, is eager to provide you with the greatest video game creation services available today by utilising Latest and new technology.