Virtual Reality (VR) technology is no longer a niche. Its applications are evolving rapidly and they are penetrating in various industry sectors such as healthcare, automotive industry, gaming industry, etc. VR is modifying the way things are accomplished and expectations from this technology for the future remain high. Here, if talking specifically about video games, VR promises a whole new world of gaming.

The innovation in the gaming industry is flourishing at a great speed. From the last few years, Virtual Reality gaming has played a significant role in this growth. VR has given a new twist to the video game business. Many large-scale game development companies including Nerdroot- The Android Game Developer are looking to join the VR bandwagon to transform the user experience of the gamers. Although, VR gaming is not mainstream yet, soon it’s going to lead the gaming industry.

If you’re excited to know how VR is going to change the landscape of the gaming industry, how it works, what are the different virtual reality games currently present in the market, just read on this article till the very end.

What is Virtual Reality Gaming?

Virtual reality gaming is the term used to describe a new generation of computer games with virtual reality (VR) technology, where a person can experience being in a 3D environment and interact through a variety of VR gaming devices and accessories, including VR headsets, sensor-equipped gloves, hand controllers, and more. Virtual reality games can be played on various platforms such as independent systems, specialized gaming consoles, or on advanced laptops and PCs that can support the leading VR headsets such as Oculus Quest, Nintendo Labo VR Kit, HTC Vive, Lenovo Mirage Solo, and Oculus Go.

Different Types of Virtual Reality Games

Over the years, game development companies have been constantly innovating and producing different kinds of virtual reality games. One can indulge in individual, multi-player, or online virtual reality games. Some VR games allow you to experience the feeling of indulging in physical combats, while other games such as auto racing and acrobatic flying will keep you on the edge! Other virtual reality games involve one-on-one challenges with other players to solve problems, move objects, or explore new places. There are different kinds of virtual reality games depending on the type of computing device being used. Some of them are as follows:

VR Games on PCs and Laptops: High-end PCs and laptops provide the best virtual gaming experience through most detailed virtual environments and game options. Popular VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and the Lenovo VR headset; Lenovo Explorer are often used for PCs and laptops.

VR Games on Game Consoles: These games are similar to those played on PCs with the only difference that they work only with game consoles from specific manufacturers. A prime example is the Sony PlayStation VR headset.

VR Games on Smartphones: Smartphones are the future of VR gaming and thus, manufacturers are introducing their own headsets, controllers, and games for mobile devices. Gear VR is one such headset/ platform for mobile VR gaming.

Benefits of Virtual Reality Games In The Gaming Industry

Virtual reality technology has taken the gaming industry to another level. Nowadays, VR gaming has become a new trend and craze for die-hard gamers. Compared to PC or console gaming, virtual reality games are much more entertaining, immersive, and real.

Here are a few benefits of virtual reality gaming:

You can explore a whole new world: VR gaming can transport you into an entirely new world where you can experience new and different things which you can’t experience in the real-world. For instance, in a VR game you can land in a war zone with guns or swim with the big sharks in the ocean. Whereas, in reality, it’s almost impossible and way too risky. You can meet a variety of fictional characters that you have grown watching them on TV. VR games will help you to get experience of all those things which seem surreal in the real world.

You can burn some calories: VR gaming is a great way to shed some calories as some VR games require the player to be more physically active during the gameplay. So, if you find yourself flapping your hands or walking around the room while playing VR games, don’t get stunned. This is a healthier alternative also as compared to just sitting on a couch with a controller in hand. Although it won’t be as effective as a workout in the gym, it will definitely help you to burn some calories.

You can look beyond the screen: Until now, traditional gaming meant sitting in one place and spending hours staring at a screen. But VR games has changed the whole gaming experience by making it more realistic and engaging. By wearing a good VR headset, you can step into a completely different world and enjoy the remarkable experience of playing games by stepping into the shoes of a player. VR gaming can take you beyond the screen.

Kids can become more expressive: Some kids are not much expressive and sometimes it creates a sort of bubble around them. VR gaming can help such kids break that bubble and express their feelings more freely. Virtual reality games help these kids in creating their own virtual world where everything is under their control which can elevate their confidence and sense of pride.

Future of Virtual Reality Games in Mobile Games

Currently, to experience VR gaming you need a proper setup which includes VR headsets, sensor-equipped gloves, hand controller, and more. With mobile VR, this setup can become less complex as with mobile devices you get the total package, a device that’s readily available, simple to set up, and easy to use. After all, no one really likes technology that’s difficult to operate. VR mobile gaming will provide a common entry point for everyone.

Offering the complete bundle

The aforementioned impacts of COVID-19 on the mobile games market may change after some time once the final impact of the pandemic, a potential second-wave, and the long-term effects of the lockdowns are better known.

However, what’s clear until now is that consumers are turning to their smartphones more than ever for entertainment and engaging in mobile games like never before. The mobile games market is up on sales and generating a good revenue although the production is not as smooth as it must be. Even when everything comes back to normal these new habits may become permanent.

Portable and Convenient

The current VR setup is bulky, cumbersome, and difficult to carry around. As of now, to enter a 3D virtual world you need a high-end PC or an expensive gaming console or a lot of bucks in your pocket to visit a premium gaming parlor. Virtual reality mobile gaming will be convenient and portable that is the demand of every die-hard gamer.


VR gaming is expensive right now and it is one of the major factors that is holding this technology from reaching mobile devices seamlessly. Currently, Daydream and GearVR are two of the most popular VR headsets on mobile, but they are only compatible with high-end devices. In fact, as of today, only 9% of smartphones in use are compatible with VR technology.

When VR mobile gaming becomes mainstream it will reach masses as the majority of people own a smartphone and all they will have to buy will be a headset. That cost will be less than buying a high-end PC or console just to experience VR gaming. The smartphone gaming industry is looking impressive, and as technology continues to improve, expect VR to become affordable and blend with the mobile gaming industry quite smoothly.

Final Thoughts

Gamers may think that technology is at its peak but the best is yet to come as virtual reality gaming offers something utterly fascinating. The ideas implemented in these games are fantastic and immersive in every sense. For this reason, Virtual reality gaming has the potential to become the next “big thing” in the gaming industry, especially in mobile gaming. VR mobile gaming is going to transform the modern gaming world altogether. Nerdroot is the one of the leading game development company in USA and iOS Game Developer in USA