With the digital revolution, it is redefining the future of industries, economy, and society as a whole. The emerging technologies and mobile applications are significantly changing the way we work and live today. With new devices, different versions, platforms, operating systems, the organizations get confused whether to choose a cross-platform app for mobile game development or a native app. Most developers prefer the cross-platform app for mobile game development as it is device agnostic and can run on multiple platforms. Also, Cross platform mobile game development has high potential to tap the greater market. Game art design services use the cross-platform app for development as it allows creating an application using a single language for scripting including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It tends to increase productivity and accelerates app development for different devices.

Below are some advantages of developing a cross-platform mobile game:

  1. 1. React Native: It provides a robust framework and helps developers to ship cross-platform mobile apps faster.
  2. 2. NativeScript: It is an open-source framework where the native APIs can reuse features and functionalities across platforms for building native iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps using a single code base.
  3. 3. Xamarin: Xamarin uses C# code base to develop a robust and allows code sharing on multiple platforms.
  4. 4. Appcelerator: An open-source tool that uses the single JavaScript code base for developing cross-platform mobile apps.
  5. 5. Kony: It creates native, mobile web and hybrid mobile apps for smartphones, kiosks, tablets, and desktops and uses the single unified code base.
  6. 6. PhoneGap: This tool allows naive developers to write their applications using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.
  7. 7. Sencha Touch: This tool offers adaptive layouts, fluid animations, and smooth scrolling feature which make apps more engaging and user-friendly.

Android Game Making Process Includes:

While developing a cross-platform mobile game, our focus is on precision and quality. We target on getting positive reviews and feedback for Android games we develop. Therefore, we adopt a structured process for cross-platform mobile game development, which consists of the following steps:

• Giving priority to clients requirements and understanding it:

iPhones always provide higher security than other platforms. iPhone users are always safe from virus and malware attacks. Hence, many businesses also trust Apple so much.

• Planning and Abstraction:

After client’s requirements, descriptions, specifications, and targeted audience are made clear, we focus on creating the vision following the necessary steps of planning, design, and architecture. The conceptualization step is needed to create a prototype that will be a replica of the game our designers and developers are going to develop.

• Development and Testing:

This step of cross-platform mobile game development involves the actual development and coding part. Once our developers have completed coding, a preliminary testing is done and in case the bug is detected it is reported and then the issue is resolved.

• Promoting and Launching:

Next step after integrating with the necessary analytical tools it is launched in the Android App Store and other marketplaces. For the proper promotion of the game, we can create a website for that specific game and a social media page to ensure its huge fan following.

The Cross platform mobile game development approach is widely accepted by developers as it provides game art design services making the development process agile. According to customers’ needs, a right strategy is made to use cross-platform approach by studying and analyzing various parameters like customer demographics, customers’ interaction with apps, diverse mobile devices used, coverage of supported platforms, etc. to see if a cross-platform game development is a right choice.