Selecting a suitable programming language for a new programmer is such a task. Especially when it comes to game development, it is even more difficult to figure out which programming language deems fit. At such conditions, the newbies might just consider the language used by the game development company but that is perhaps not the right way. The right way to select an appropriate programming language for game development is, having knowledge of all. Therefore, let us have a look at the best programming languages for game development, detailed as follows.

1. C++

It should not come as a surprise that C++ is the best ever programming language that is used by code masters for android game development as well as other game development. It certainly is because it is the colonist of digital game development. It offers an Object-Oriented Programming environment which allows it to handle even the low-level systems. It also contributes to the goal-oriented programming and fast execution. It cannot be denied that the most high-performance games that you play these days are played on the basis of C++ only. The developed games are executed faster and effectively on the C++ database, which is why the language stands out for the newbie game developers.

2. C#

C# is the primary choice of many game developers these days since it is the backbone of the best game engines of the industry such as Unity3D. This Microsoft-borne coding language is an adaptation of the legendary C++ language but it certainly offers programming convenience. The language is easy to study and implement as well. Due to its convenience and functional ease, C# has gained a prominent place in the coder industry.

3. Java

Java is the programming language that also offers Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) environment. Since Java code runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), it offers effective execution on any system by the generic byte code translation. Java is the language that gives liberty to the programmers over developing any type of game on any system possible. Java coding for game development offers flexibility in development and that is why Java is one of the most chosen languages for game development.

4. Python

Python is a straightforward language, yet it offers versatility by introducing an Object-oriented programming structure. It often is misinterpreted that Python is not the language for complex game development like iOS game development, perhaps because of the apparently simple syntax. Well, even if not considered appropriately, it�s easy semantics offer the ease for complex programming with OOP support. The Pygame Framework is created by the Python community has even gained the reputation of one of the most prominent platforms for video game development.

5. Lua

Lua is a less bulky programming language that is used for multi-platform game development. The best thing about this language is that it is a programming language with easy syntax and coding structure. That is why this language has been a prominent part of the modern game development process. It is used in many game engines as the primary coding language, such as CryEngine, Corona SDK, etc. This highly used by the German company Crytek for the development of games like Enemy Front.

6. Papyrus

Papyrus is a comparatively new programming language as it was launched in the industry by Bethesda Studios to support its game creation engine. This language uses advanced programming entities such as events, objects, variables, and functions. This language particularly works on the call for action protocol that means the event is triggered by the pre-specified function. The creation engine is one of the best-preferred video game development engines globally; therefore this certainly is a great option for newbie programmers.