Despite of a lot of competition from Androids, BlackBerry and Windows Phones, iOS device has achieved a special position for itself in the game development industry. In the past few years, the demand for iOS devices has increased rapidly and hence demands for iOS apps especially the iOS games. If we consider statistics, 58% of total apps available on the App Store are game applications. Appealing and addictive iOS games can be a big hit, if they had been launched without any bugs. Among the several game genres of iOS game, adventure games, action games and arcade games gross the highest. The free to play games with in-app purchases have more demand over paid games.

Do you have an idea for the game in mind, but not sure about scope and demand for iOS games in the market?

Here are the reasons, why you should invest in iOS game designing and development

  • Easy Way to Make Money: Considering the huge demand for iOS game, the game development for iOS devices is a great way to make money. Even if you develop a free to play iOS game, still you can earn money through ads and in-app purchases.
  • Higher ROI: When it’s come to iOS game designing and development, the Return on Investments (ROI) will be high. The amount you invest in iOS game development will not be too much and you can earn more money in a consistent way.
  • Brand Recognition: With the iOS game development, you can improve the visibility and recognition of your brand. Once your business achieved a great online presence, there will be a huge demand for your upcoming apps.
  • Long Term Success: With addictive, interesting and error free iOS game development, you can enjoy a competitive edge in the industry that will give you a way towards your success. The creative and innovative iOS game designs help you to get more consumers for your business.

Developing an interactive and appealing iOS game to achieve success is not an easy task. To design a successful app, you need a professional service provider like NerdRoot. At NerdRoot, we have been developing iOS games for client around the globe and have gained expertise in a different category of iOS games. Our team of iOS game developers creates mesmerizing visuals, sound effects and realistic environment that makes our games totally viral and out of the world. With expert iOS game developers, high-quality services and reasonable pricing, NerdRoot became one of the best iOS Game development company in the USA.

Why choose NerdRoot for developing Games for iOS platform?

NerdRoot being leading game development company leading game development company keeps serving to the customer requirements in the most suitable way when it comes to game development, including iOS games, Android games, cross platform games and so on. We have a team of qualified and well-experienced iOS game developers to utilize the latest technologies, tools and strategies in iOS game development. At NerdRoot, we have developed several high quality 2D and 3D games.

We use best quality visuals, audio and animations while developing games for iOS that give perfect gaming experience. We add the thrill of real gaming into the app using open GLEs. Our expert designers design an excellent UI interface using the core animation.

  • NerdRoot designs app that supports easy portability which means user can transfer the game from one device to another.
  • We have a team of 2D and 3D animation designers who create an appealing design for every single iOS application.


We use the latest tools and techniques available in the market in order to design excellent iOS games. We utilize tools like MacOSX, iOS, Xcode, Objective C and Swift in iOS game development.

Game Genres

We offer quality and variety when it comes to developing iOS games. At NerdRoot, we have developed several styles of iOS games, including puzzles, racing games, arcade games, dices, kid games, sports games, educational games, multiplayer games and much more.

Our iOS Game Development Process

While developing an iOS game, we focus on accuracy and quality. We understand the importance of positive reviews and feedback for your iOS games. Hence, we adopt a structured process of iOS app development, which includes the following steps:
  • Understanding Client’s Requirements: In this step, we meet with the client to better understand their requirements and specifications. We interpret the type of game our client wants us to build, the game’s ultimate objective, the features that should be included, and—most importantly—the audience that the game is designed for.
  • Conceptualization: Following the essential planning, design, and architecture, we develop a concept once we are certain of the needs, specifications, and target audience. The conception phase enables us to produce a prototype, which is a copy of the game that our developers are producing. We go on to the next step after our client gives the plan his or her approval.
  • Development and Testing: The actual coding and development of the iOS game takes place in this stage. After our engineers finished creating the game, we perform the initial testing, report any bugs, and get them fixed simultaneously. At the conclusion of this module, we have 100% accuracy..
  • App Launch and Promotion:We launch the game on the iOS App Store after integrating it with the necessary analytical tools, such as the Ad SDKs, the social network SDKs, and the third Party SDKs. We can make a website for that specific game and a social media page to guarantee its massive fan following for better promotion of the game.
  • Understanding Client’s Requirements:In the first step of development, the android game developer lay out the groundwork, discuss and evaluate the game idea with our clients to get a better understanding of their specifications and requirements. This android game development company, then improvise the idea to make the game even more productive for our clients. We interpret what kind of game our client wants us to design, what is the ultimate goal of the game, and what kind of features should need to be incorporated. We then finalize and set the project milestones to ensure the entire process is carried out professionally by the leading android game development company.
  • Development: Now comes the most important part of creating an Android mobile game. Our experienced android game developers code and create all the assets of game-like objects, backgrounds, and different animations. Once the android game development company completes coding for the game, we do the preliminary testing and report a bug if any and get it resolved at the same time. After the first draft, we take your feedback and work further on the game to make it more exciting. We then create a level design, UI elements, and integrate all elements into a single, stunning unit.
  • Development:Quality is the key to success. Our android game developer believe in providing high-quality Android games that will refresh your mood like never before. In this step, this android game development company, does the rigorous testing of the Android game to find out if there is any error or scope of improvement. Our quality teams of testers enjoy their job as they get to play different games all the time. For us it’s not a job, it’s our passion. We integrate quality testing as a part of our process to check various aspects like consistent performance, smooth gameplay, device compatibility, and optimum user experience. Before making the final delivery of the project, testing helps in delivering bug-free and seamless Android games.
  • Deployment:Deployment is a process of introducing your gaming app to the world. It consists of two main components; the first involves deploying your web server (API) into a production environment that is scalable and the second is deploying your Android gaming app to the Google Play Store. Submitting your Android gaming app to the app store is a moderately involved process. This android game development company considers that you need to make sure your apps are properly configured for release, fill out several forms of the app store, submit screenshots and marketing materials, and write a description.
  • Support & Maintenance:Our Android game development process doesn’t end with the product’s launch. Like every other mobile app, gaming apps also need regular monitoring and updates. To ensure you’re one step ahead from competitors, our android game developer offers all types of support and maintenance services, giving the gaming apps the best chance of surviving in an increasingly competitive space.
  • App Launch and Promotion: Our Android game developer launches the game on the Android App Store as well as other marketplaces after integrating the necessary analytical tools like the Ad SDKs, social network SDKs, and third Party SDKs. The team of the android game creation firm, working closely with the android game developer, can make a website for that specific game and a social media page to ensure its devoted fan base for better advertising of the game.

Advantages Of Availing Android Game Development Services

  • One of the top game creation firms, NerdRoot is based in the USA and works on a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, and others.
  • We being the leading android game developer, offer personalized 2D and 3D game arts and designs that are eye-catching, user-friendly with outstanding user interface designs. Our graphic visualization is also alluring.At NerdRoot, we have a team of expert Android game developer proficient in transforming your ideas into perfect 2D and 3D games with the latest and most sophisticated technologies and tools. Our team creates interactive, challenging and highly addictive games for users giving them a realistic experience. The following are the benefits you get from our services.
    • Minimum Investment: The investment required for developing games for Android platforms is very minimal. You can choose from numerous Android game makers/creators available in the industry.We at NerdRoot, provide Android game development services at very affordable prices.
    • Faster Returns:Android is an open-source platform and our android game developer take a much shorter time to create Android games. Since Android OS is such a big platform and used by billions of people, once the game is launched, you can expect your return on investment much faster and higher.
    • Higher Revenue:Since Android apps are also available on third-party marketplaces other than Google Play Store; which is the official app store you can launch and promote your games in front of a wider audience to maximize your revenue.
    • Better Promotion and Branding:Many app stores and marketplaces will give you more opportunities to endorse your brand and get it renowned all over the world. The proper marketing and branding lead to greater visibility of your Android game, ensuring a long time run.
    • Reduce Marketing Costs:By having created the android games from this android game development company, you will be able to advertise your brand on multiple marketplaces and thus save on your marketing and promotional costs. You will be connected to your application’s user and customers directly, once they install your Android game on their Android device.
    Located in USA, NerdRoot is one of the best android game development company that works on different platforms including Android, iOS and others. We offer personalized 2D and 3D game arts and designs that are eye-catching, user-friendly with outstanding user interface designs. Our graphic visualization will be alluring too. At NerdRoot, we have a team of expert Android game developer proficient in transforming your ideas into perfect 2D and 3D games with the latest and most sophisticated technologies and tools. Our team creates interactive, challenging and totally addictive games for users, which give absolutely realistic experience.

Why Choose NerdRoot As Your Android Game Developer?

  • Our Android game developer strives to offer high-quality services every time. We follow a well-organized development process to ensure our products are of the highest quality. We also offer complete support and maintenance services to fulfill all your requirements.
  • We have a team of expert Android game developers who achieve excellence in making different styles of Android games using the latest Android technologies. Our app developers have years of experience and producing quality work is always their top priority.
  • Our designers are experts in developing 2D and 3D Android games and are always eager to learn new technologies and tools. Our technical masters have a vast knowledge of Android OS which they apply while developing amazing games.
  • “Time is Money” and we certainly value time and money both. Thus, we always ensure the on-time delivery of all our projects.
  • We offer 24×7 customer support for all our customers to help solve any queries and to stay in constant touch during the entire development process.
  • We keep trying to make Android games that will meet client expectation and we have a track record of meeting the deadlines.
  • This android game development company have a pool of excellent android game developers who can bring together technology, imagination, skill, and creativity along with a portfolio of completed projects.

If you’re ready to experience the new age gaming, contact us today and find out how we can make your game concept a reality.